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Andy Boucher

This season and every season to follow we remember Andy Boucher as the heart of NEC

It is with heavy hearts that we remember and mourn a vital member of our family who we lost during our off season. Andy, was the back bone of our organization, having been apart of this team since it began nearly 50 years ago; Andy is someone we will never forget and always admire for his commitment and dedication to the kids and their families. 

There was a time, pre COVID, where Andy was known by all of the kids (and most of their parents) as the "Popcorn Man"!! We will always remember going up to the trailers at the practice field to get popcorn and see that bright light and contagious smile Andy always had when he was around the athletes!


This season we move forward remembering Andy, for the amazing soul that he was. Andy loved these kids and this family we've created over the years.  The time he spent helping build NEC for what it is today and  the dedication and loyalty he had for these kids year after year is beyond admirable. We can all take a page out of the Andy Boucher handbook as we remember him and move forward in his honor this season and the seasons to come. 

We will miss seeing him sitting on his tailgate at practice and before every game.

Rest in the sweetest peace, Coach Andy! 

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